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Earthflight : a bird’s-eye view of the world 鸟瞰世界

Earthflight, will take you on a journey like no other – amazing sights from six continents will be revealed through the eyes of birds. This 6 part series joins the journeys of snow geese, cranes, falcons, eagles and other birds. Earthflight : a bird’s-eye view of the world Using cutting-edge new filming techniques to show everything in exquisite detail, viewers have a uniquely privileged perspective flying high above the Serengeti on the backs of Vultures in Africa to hunting for bats with red-tailed hawks in North America.

The birds are shown up-close in flight and interacting with other animals down below: barnacle geese fight off polar bears that are invading their nests, pelicans plunging into huge shoals of sardine and anchovies and cowbirds shadowing bison herds to feed on the insects disturbed by their hooves.

To create its bird’s-eye view of the world Earthflight uses a host of extraordinary filming techniques including filming “imprinted” flocks from microlites, wild flocks filmed from model gliders and silent drones, full-sized helicopter with stabilised mounts and cameras on the backs of trained birds. Slow-motion techniques also reveal extraordinary detail such as swallows plucking feathers from the air.


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