Ivan Torrent - Immortalys

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Music is a universal language that unifies the spirits of Mankind. It's meaningful as it connects with our deepest feelings and experiences. It's transcendental as it has no frontiers. It belongs to the world. It belongs to the Universe. And its nature is...

...Immortal. Immortalys [ Immortalys ] is Ivan Torrent's second studio album. 18 brand new tracks, where orchestral and electronic music meet again to forge a new sonic voyage, through mystical landscapes and emotional melodies performed by the amazing musicians of the GIOrquestra, and the wonderful voices of Lara Ausensi, Celica Soldream, Julie Elven, Merethe Soltvedt, Marta Merino, Estela Martin, Irene Rodriguez and Alek Bazerak. Immortalys


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