The Rolling Stones - GRRR! 2012

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滚石乐队 - 50周年超级精选
To mark the band's 50th anniversary, the Rolling Stones have released a greatest hits collection. GRRR! features two new tracks recorded in Paris in the summer of 2012 (including the single "Doom and Gloom"), as well as a career-spanning collection of hits. The Rolling Stones - GRRR! 2012 This High Fidelity Pure Audio release contains all 50 tracks on one high capacity Blu-ray disc. Material is taken from original 24bit master tapes and delivered in PCM, Dolby True HD and DTS audio formats – so you can enjoy the music in its purest form.
Highlights include the band's first single--a version of Chuck Berry’s “Come On”, “The Last Time”, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Get Off Of My Cloud”, “Jumping Jack Flash”, “Honky Tonk Women” and the juke-box and concert favourites “Brown Sugar”, “Tumbling Dice”, “Miss You” and “Start Me Up”.
This is a quality product.To have so many of the ROLLING STONES songs on one disc is a joy.You can jump from 1963's Come On to the 2 new tracks if you wish or hop about and listen in any order to 3 cds worth on 1 disc of audio blu-ray.

Not Enough - Van Halen

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To love somebody naturally
To love somebody faithfully
To love somebody equally
Is not enough, it's not enough
It's not enough

To love somebody secretly (And never touch)
To love somebody honestly (And always trust)
To love somebody tenderly
The tender touch is not enough
It's not enough

Love hurts you sometimes
It's not so easy to find, no
Searchin' everywhere, you turn and swear (Ahh-ahh-ahh)
It's always been there

[MUSICSHOW] 许巍 《此时此刻》

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一念净心 花开遍世界
每临绝境 峰回路又转
但凭净信 自在出乾坤 许巍 《此时此刻》

Earthflight : a bird’s-eye view of the world 鸟瞰世界

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Earthflight, will take you on a journey like no other – amazing sights from six continents will be revealed through the eyes of birds. This 6 part series joins the journeys of snow geese, cranes, falcons, eagles and other birds. Earthflight : a bird’s-eye view of the world Using cutting-edge new filming techniques to show everything in exquisite detail, viewers have a uniquely privileged perspective flying high above the Serengeti on the backs of Vultures in Africa to hunting for bats with red-tailed hawks in North America.